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I'm an abstract painter from Naples in Italy. The compulsion for self-expression and escape from the world (“the reality is poor”, says the film director Paolo Sorrentino) is what brings me back to the studio every night. I approach painting from a non-objective standpoint. Painting is more a process of searching for a feeling than achieving a predetermined aesthetic.

My name is Giovanni Iacomino, I’m an electronic engineer and currently manager of a multinational company. I’m an expert in telecommunications, security and control systems. I have recently started an artistic career, dedicating my free time to abstract painting.

My artistic signature is Nix.

Nix creates pictorial and plastic works that go beyond the representation of real objects and that move away from known and recognizable shapes and images using a visual language of shapes, colors and lines to create a composition that can exist independently of visual references in the world. Apparently, nothing remains of reality: only shapes and colors. But reality is at the same time the real source of inspiration.

Nix wants to restore beauty to objects that seem to have lost it with daily use and assign them a connotation of meaning different from the more widespread one. The paintings often incorporate waste materials used daily, such as paper napkins, packaging, etc., identifying in the objects themselves the quintessence of the consumer society and industrialized production. Reusing them is an aid, albeit limited, to environmental sustainability.

Nix tries to balance spontaneity and restraint: let things flow and evolve, while simultaneously trusting Nix judgement (I'd say because I'm always an engineer) to know when to stop. Nix paints organically, non-linear and devoid of a plan for the outcome. While painting there’s a feeling of digging and searching for significance to reveal itself. Nix’s goal is to capture the significance at just the right moment, which is often the greatest challenge. Nix’s aim as a painter is to structure the colors, shapes, texture and light in a compositionally significant manner to highlight feelings and sensations.




A solid body mainly made up of silicate-based materials and iron-nickel alloys, which, coming from interplanetary spaces, sometimes reaches the surface of the Earth. As people or things characterized by exceptional qualities and by the great speed with which they pass or become extinct, we are all meteors in the great space of life.


Spring n. 1

Inspired by the colors of spring, the brightest and most radiant season, the painting is a riot of cheerful and lively colors that shout joy and enthusiasm. The tones are warm and bright, such as apple green, coral, yellow, orange and red. In the midst of the explosion of colours, golden butterflies appear as a millennial symbol of immortality, lightness, joie de vivre and transformation (the master of metamorphosis for her fantastic ability to transform herself from a caterpillar to a chrysalis and finally into a butterfly).The painting wants to convey the joy of living and getting involved, accepting the necessary daily transformations.

Parallel Convergences

Parallel Convergences

The juxtaposition of the two terms is in fact an oxymoron: according to Euclidean geometry, in fact, two parallel lines can never converge. Precisely for this reason the expression is often used in politics to indicate that two parties converge on some or many points, while maintaining a substantial distance in the political line.



Inspired by the sea and the colors of Cilento. For millennia, Cilento has inspired poets and singers. Many of the Greek and Roman myths have been set on its coasts, such as that of the island of the sirens, in the Odyssey. The islet that inspired Homer is the one in front of Punta Licosa, to the south near Castellabate. Iridescent colors, the reflections of light, the movement of the waves. Manifestation of the immensity of nature, a metaphor for travel, man has always been fascinated by it and, at the same time, terrified by its magnificence, its mysteries and the dangers it hides in its depths.

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